Shape your expenses

with 328 Expense

Simple and elegant

A simple and elegant way to manage your daily expenditures! All graphics, layout and even colours are professional designed to fulfill all your expectation.

Manage expenses on the go in the app

To make your life easier, all daily, weekly and monthly expenditure information are shown to maximise information on screen.

Understand your financial habits

Analysis your weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure in a graphical way to let your plan your finance easier. You can also see analysis in any customised period! Trends and income/expense compare chart are also provided.

Track your cash flow

Know how much you can spend weekly or monthly in order to stick to your budget. All the usage and unit cost information is calculated for you.

Customize category

Customize your categories, assign an icon to every expense.

Calendar view

Simple, elegant designed calendar to make your daily expenditure and income in an organised way! It also comes with a weekly expenditure heading bar

List view

Monthly list all your expenditure and income with monthly heading bar.

Alerts and reminders

We know you are busy, so we added a Daily reminder to remind your daily input.

Automatic cloud backup

Automatic daily cloud backup to ensure your record safety.

Attach photo

Your bill can be attached to the entry by photo, so your can’t miss any details.

Feature rich. No bloat.

Get a quick overview

About your total incomes and expenses at a glance and in one place.


to save money for a new car, dreamy vacation or top university.

More than 20+ themes

More than 20+ elegant designed themes are ready to use to reflect your style and character

Excel export

Export your record to Excel.

Super simple data entry

Our professional input design will let you input record with just a few screen touches! Our predefined categories should suit all your needs!

Super secure

All the data are stored in local phone storage, with NO network access.

More than 1,000+ icons

More than 1,000 elegant designed icons, it is just beyond your expectation. They are all designed by graphic professionals.

Biometric lock

The state of the art biometric lock should keep your record in secret.

20+ Stunning themes, of course!

Day and dark themes for your favour

Themes for car lovers

including M, GTB, HAM F1 and RS

Available now. Get in there and live it up!